SOULIOTIS Christos - Bildhauer, Maler und Grafiker - Der Grieche in Österreich Aktmalerei - Öl und Acryl - Portrais

Born in Ioannina, the capital of Ipirus in the north-west of Greece. Early on in school the talent SOULIOTIS Christos was blessed with was recognized. His teacher was Prof. Pavlos Vrellis, one of the most important sculptors of Greece. As best student of Prof. Vrellis he discovered his passion for working with models, forms and bodies. During this time lots of plastics were created.

After some time he discovered his favour for colours and paintings.
In his private studies of classical painting many backgrounds and oil paintings were created. After he moved to Austria SOULIOTIS Christos started studying Civil Engineering at the technical university of Vienna. He finished his studies in 1980 with a Master´s degree in Civil Engineer. During this time he also studied portrait painting.

He was hired by many famous and important people, especially in the field of portrait painting such as Austrian president Rudolf Kirchschläger, Governor of Carinthia L. Wagner and many more. Over time the style of SOULIOTIS Christos got more precise and sophisticated in the use of oil and "Röteltechnik".

In the late 70ies SOULIOTIS Christos found a new technique in the world of watercolour painting and developed his own style, which is seen in his landscape pictures. Colours, motives, perspectives, zoom and skilfully built in dynamic characterize his work and show the intensive observation of nature, as the artist felt it.

Apart from lots of imaginary variations of forms and colours of watercolour paintings sharpened the perfection for the "Rötelportraitmalerei", the observation of the exact ideal. On one hand the accuracy of "Rötelportraitmalerei" and on the other hand the joyful and imaginative variations of landscape paintings show the wide range and the artist's maturity.

Since 1974 SOULIOTIS Christos lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Since then he has arranged a lot of expositions in Greece, Austria, Germany and the USA.

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